Monday, 30 May 2011

Broken Wrist!!

Jamie was off on his usual Saturday activities guitar and drama and when I returned to collect him he was a little upset.  He'd hurt his wrist, but it didn't seem  to be too bad, so we got on with the rest of our jobs, which was to  get his Scout uniform sorted out.    He had been walking backwards at his Drama class and tripped over a girl sat on the floor, accidents happen and there was no need to make a fuss.  So off we went, he was still in some distress when we got the the local scout shop and after we got the uniform sorted I asked the leader there is he knew first aid, as most of the scout leaders do.

He checked out Jamie's arm for me and he suggested I head to the Walk-In Centre at the hospital which is where I was thinking of going as Jamie was not settling down and it did not seem to be easing.  We headed to the walk in and every jolt seemed to be hurting Jamie.  As Mike was on nights I left him to sleep and thought we would have a good story to tell him when he woke!  We didn't have to wait too long and Jamie was triaged - and having told the story of how it happened a couple of times, we were sent off to A and E, as the nurse thought he would need an X-Ray.  So lots of new experiences for Jamie, although casualty is not my ideal way of spending a Saturday afternoon.
So we headed to A and E, told our story again, and settled in for a long wait, Jamie was triaged again and then booked in for an x-ray.  We headed along to x-ray and then settled in for a wait - Jamie was still in a lot of discomfort and had not at this point had any Calpol or any painkiller.  After the x-ray I called Mike and he headed down to the hospital too.

When we saw the doctor, he was unable to determine if Jamie's wrist was broken because of where it was hurt, there is a bone in the wrist called the scaphoid, which does not always show the break immediately.  (This is also the bone that old ladies tend to break when they fall over, it is a typical injury when you put your hand out to stop you falling)  So Jamie was sent away with a splint/wrist support and we were asked to come back again in a week so they could review his arm and have another look to see if it was broken.  I think the Doctor thought it wasn't and I thought that it was unlikely.  Jamie did improve as the days went on so I was expecting a fairly quick appointment at the fracture clinic.

Jamie was examined again and as he still had a lot of discomfort in his wrist which the Doctor didn't like so we were sent off to get an MRI, they don't like any pain or discomfort to pass it as ok - but we were new to all of the broken bone business.  We weren't able to get him seen straight away so had to wait a couple of days and took him in for his scan on the Saturday.  He was pretty uptight about going for the MRI but we watched a video and looked at some information before we went to try to alleviate any fears, oh and he got the Michael Jackson album too, to listen too whilst he was in there.

Well he was pretty scared by the time he got in there but got on with it, I was pleased to see that it wasn't entirely enclosed and so I was able to stand at the other end and talk to him and encourage him even though he couldn't hear me.  Those things are loud, we both had industrial style ear protectors on  and it was still very loud.  Thankfully Jamie doesn't have any fillings but I do and my mouth certainly felt strange in there, I don't understand the science of it, but it affected my fillings!!

After the MRI scan we had to wait another few days and headed back to the fracture clinic, I was confidently saying to Jamie that he didn't need to worry and that it was so unlikely that it was broken.  Jamie was totally delighted to see my face when we were told that yes it was several small/tiny fractures but broken nevertheless.  I was absolutely gobsmacked!! 

Jamie was given the option of having it put into a cast, but the Doctor said it was clearly healing well and that he would only be in a cast for a week or so, so we had a quick think and just kept his splint/support which he would continue wearing for a couple of weeks.  He also had his guitar exam coming up so it would be easier to practice without a cast.

I am not sure what gave Jamie more pleasure, the fact that he had broken a bone or the fact that I was speechless when we found out as I had been so confident it wasn't broken!!  Thankfully he is fully repaired now, although he missed out on lots of rugby and karate, which was a shame and only managed a couple of end of season rugby matches once he was healed.  Of course children view broken bones as a badge of honour!!


Reading challenge 15/16 - currently reading Learn To Be An Optimist by Lucy MacDonald

Book Review - The New Rector by Rebecca Shaw

Beware Spoiler!
This is the first in the Turnham Malpas series, I had read a much later one a couple of years ago and found this in the library so thought I'd start the series from the beginning.  This story introduces all of the colourful characters in the village and you learn about them just as the New Rector of the title is settling into his new Parish.  Yes this is easy reading, there is nothing about the books or I suspect the series which is challenging but they are comfortable.  I guess like putting on a favourite cardigan and slippers and sitting in your favourite chair with a drink - something which sustains and leaves you relaxed and refreshed.

The characters are largely gentle and caring, although there are some surprising events in the books including a lesbian suicide, a murder, stalking and an significant dalliance with surprising consequences, but they are all handled in the quintessentially English fashion of getting on with it and not saying too much.  I've seen this series of books described as the literary equivalent of the Sunday evening TV slot and I can very easily understand this or even an alternative Archers. 

The cast of characters and village map also make this series very easy to read and allow you to fit the characters into their geographical positions in the village as well as their relationships to each other and handy to refer back as and when needed.  Enjoyable, relaxing and escapist in a very gentle, genteel and comfortable way, well worth a dip into.


Reading challenge 15/16 - currently reading Learn to Be an Optimist by Lucy MacDonald
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