Thursday, 28 June 2012

Book Reviews

Beware Spoilers

Some one liner reviews of some of the books I've been reading recently ....

Roots of Evil by Sarah Rayne - another Sarah Rayne that I just couldn't put down and was reading well into the early hours.  A story which spans modern day, WW2 and Auschwitz, the silent movies - great story and good characters - can't wait until the next one - probably save it for my holidays now!!

Roots of Evil (Paperback) ~ Sarah Rayne (Author) Cover Art

Hotwire by Alex Kava - another good Alex Kava Maggie O'Dell novel - I've jumped over a couple here so must go back and catch up but really enjoyed it - love the character and the writing - great stuff - aliens, bio-engineering, food safety and murder.  The next one is on my Kindle waiting....

A Town Like Alice by Neville Shute - a re-read of a favourite book and it gets better with every reading - can't wait to see it all for myself before too long I hope.

Ciao Sue Reading challenge 4/20 - currently reading on Kindle The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and in print Drop Dead Beautiful by Jackie Collins

Bo Bunny Etcetera Layouts

A little while ago I 'treated' myself (the way scrapbookers do) to most of the Etcetera collection by Bo Bunny as I liked the antique(y), newspaper, printed look and felt I could do something with some of the papers and embellishments so here are some pics of the scrap crap and the pages I've made with the collection so far.  Overall I probably spent about £22-25 on the bits and added to from the supplies with flowers, cardstock etc.
 Some of the embellishments and some prima flowers - Harlow I think
 Ribbon and trinkets and some threads courtesy of Craft Obsessions
 The jigsaw mini-book which accompanies the line and more prima flowers from my stock - I've had those a while and cannot remember what they are called but there was a great selection some crochet, some tulle, some ribbon - a great mixture in one pack.
 Some chipboard and I just love the chipboard alphabet in the line.
 Shaped cardstock - probably bought 6 or 7 sheets of paper from the line and used SU cardstock which I truly love.
 Some more paper and some alphas
 More cardstock, I love the Bo Bunny sheets where you have multiple embellishments and interesting images you can cut out and use thus getting a lot out of one sheet of paper
 The paper with its sepia, antique, printed look!
Some flowers from my flower box with an orangey theme going on here!!

And this is what I've created out of these items so far - I'm hoping to get at least 6 - 8 pages out of the line and still have some leftovers for use later!

The first one called 'Mam' what those of us from my part of the world call our Mums.  This was the biggie from this selection as its about my Mum and I used lots and lots of flowers including some in blue which was my Mum's favourite colour.  I loved the journalling card as it said "little moments big memories" - I've added "My mum in very familiar poses to me, working in her garden in her housecoat and carrying a cup of tea back to us whilst we were on holiday, these are small everyday events but so very important to me as there were so few" (My mum has been gone for 33 years now - I had her around for such a short time)

 Layout 2 is Live for the Moment Your In - First Class Jamie.  I took the ideas for this from a page maps layout so I guess this one is scraplift - a couple of cute photos of Jamie - one on Kefalonia waiting to go into the  Melissani Lake at the Drogati Caves and the other dressed up and hair spiked up for a school disco - he looks so yummy.  Lots of distressing on this layout and inking the edges which I am very into at the moment.
 A close up here of one of the elements I used adapting a floristry prop - a trimmed giunco stick - into a scrapbooking embellishment - I love it when I can bring the two hobbies together!!
 A layout about Binnie - "Every little thing she does is magic"  - she is looking her cheeky and delightful self.

More layouts to follow soon - allowing for work commitments!!

Ciao Sue Reading challenge 4/20 - currently reading on Kindle The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and in print Drop Dead Beautiful by Jackie Collins (I will finish this book even if I have to take it on the plane for our summer holidays and read it during the flight!!)

Friday, 15 June 2012

Friday Fill-Ins


1. It's always nice when England win!
2. I like to hear of Jamie laughing at something that tickled his fancy and that I just don’t get!
3. Positive space; negative space are things you really need to consider when creating any flower arrangement.
4. This is England!
5. What I heard I hope was the sound of my husband washing the pots!
6. Often, I search the internet looking for flower arrangements and can get such inspiration.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to the England football match tomorrow my plans include taking Jamie to the cinema and Sunday, I would like to have a great time at the crop catching up with the girls and come home and enjoy Father’s Day with Mike and JamieCiao
Reading challenge 4/20 - currently reading on Kindle Hotwire by Alex Kava and in print Drop Dead Beautiful by Jackie Collins
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