Sunday, 14 February 2016

Life Changes - But Change is Never A Bad Thing

So exactly how does one get back into blogging after such a long time.  A time which has seen so many changes in my life, our lives.  Jamie is now almost 16 and what a wonderful young man he is - and towering over his Mum by about 14 inches these days!!    My life is a constant round of planning and prep, teaching and marking as I have been a full time Business Studies teacher for some time now!  After time spent teaching in one of Her Majesty's establishments which I loved, I now teach at a FE college about 30 minutes drive from home.  It supplies a never ending source of work, stress, and satisfaction and usually leaves me exhausted by the end of the day.

Binnie is still my very spoilt girl and she has two new(ish) sources of companionship or annoyance depending upon the day or hour - Tiggy (Antigone) and Izzy (Inmene).  Tiggy is all mine and Izzy all Jamie's thankfully, although I usually get the job of cleaning up or fixing what she has broken.  They are cute and sweet and two bags of trouble too.

So with my career now there is much less time for the flowers etc but I am likely to be blogging much more about what is happening in the world and on a whole range of subjects which might just interest me on any given day.

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