Sunday, 9 June 2013

The Woman in Black - MK Theatre

Beware spoilers!

It has been quite some time but more of that in a subsequent blog .......  Jamie got the opportunity to see The Woman in Black with his drama group, which left me a little put out, as we had planned to see it ourselves.  So rather than miss out, and be running backwards and forwards to the theatre in Mum's taxi, I got myself a ticket and watched it too, although well away from Jamie and his drama group, much to eveyone's relief!!

Having read the book and watched the film, seeing how they were going to interpret the book on stage was intriguing, especially as it turned out there were only two actors in the production (well 3 if you count the WiB herself).  Sadly as with midweek regional theatre the theatre itself was well over half empty and with tickets at £30 for the circle maybe it would make good business sense to reduce the cost of tickets to try to attract more bums on seats.

Overall it was an enjoyable evening, and the story is retold via Arthur Kipps getting some help from an actor to learn how to tell his story to his family in his later years.  The actor guides him through retelling his story and the two characters replay the vital moments from the story and they did it well.  All of the atmosphere is built from the interaction of the actors, sound, lighting and menace that is built up.  There are one or two moments which make you jump in the production and it was a faithful retelling of the book- more so than the film especially with the ending of the play which sends you hope with just a little feeling of unease at the possible prospect of seeing the WiB. 

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