Monday, 7 January 2013

All Great Plans ....

So as with all great plans - you have to have a back up plan! - well the year hasn't quite kicked off as planned but we're hoping it means we get stuff out of the way at the beginning and it isn't setting a precedent.  So here am I putting off heading to bed as I have a serious chest infection (antibiotics etc) and a odious cough which ramps itself up for bedtime.  Jamie has a flu like illness and has had a raging temperature which has affected both appetite and xbox interest - both very strong indicators that he is ill.  He has also been very sweet and quiet so totally confirming any diagnosis a doctor could give.

We are thankfully on the road to improvement now although it may take another couple of days of TLC and terrible daytime TV before either of us is really back to being a happy bunny.  Yet as they say every cloud and I have almost lost my voice and am struggling to speak so everything is not all bad as Mike has confirmed!!  So fingers crossed this is our bad dose for the year and we are restored to health and vitality very soon!!



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